Coloured Overlays - Visual Stress

Coloured Overlays - Visual Stress

People of all ages, including children, can suffer from visual stress.

In sufferers you may find that all or some of the following may be present:

  • Movement of printed text
  • Blurring of print
  • Letters changing size or shape
  • Patterns in the print 
  • Halos of colour surrounding letters or words
  • Tiring easily whilst reading
  • Headaches or visual discomfort
  • Red, sore, watery eyes.

Visual stress can be reduced by the use of coloured filters. A coloured overlay can be placed over text or coloured spectacle lenses can be worn.

At Thomas & Mackay your optometrist will examine your eyes then assess the benefits of using colour for your problems. Coloured overlays or spectacle lenses can then be prescribed to help.